Memorial For Sierra Shuck-Sparer

Memorial For Sierra Shuck-Sparer

We will hold a memorial for Sierra Shuck-Sparer, a well-loved student in the BSPP program and a friend of many of us. Sierra passed away on March 27.

As noted in her online life story, Sierra “inspired her friends, family, fellow cancer patients, and all who followed her five-plus year battle against cancer with her optimism and resolve.”

The memorial will be held in the student lounge, Rich 140, at 2pm. Attendees are welcome to share a memory of Sierra.

Xiaojing Sun

1. What do you do?

I work with a group of talented people to use energy analytics to inform business planning and operations for Meta's large data center footprint. In this position, I am responsible for forecasting and managing hundreds of millions of dollars of energy expenditure.

Group Advising

Group Advisng

Join your peers and I for the Group Advising event on Tuesday, April 9th at 11:00 am as we map out your fall and/or summer registration plans together.

Food will be provided per usual. Bring your laptop or smart device and come ready to plan ahead!