Undergraduate Minors

The School of Public Policy encourages students to earn multidisciplinary minors in areas that complement students' interests and Public Policy curriculum.

Minor in Health Policy and Economics

  • Core Courses
    • Must complete 6 hours in PUBP 3210: U.S. Health Policy and ECON 4510: Economics of Health and Health Care. 
  • Electives
    • Must complete 9 hours of elective coursework. A complete list of the health policy and economics courses can be found in the Georgia Tech Course Catalog.

Minor in Law, Science, and Technology

  • Core Courses
    • Must complete 3 hours in one of the following: PUBP 3000 Constitutional Issues, PUBP 3610 Pre-Law Seminar, PUBP 4609 Legal Practice
  • Electives
    • Must complete 12 hours of elective coursework. A complete list of pre-law courses can be found in the Pre-Law Program section. 

Minor in Leadership Studies

  • Students may specialize in one of three tracks:
    • Business
    • Global Engineering
    • Policy

Minor in Philosophy

Minor in Political Science

Minor in Public Policy

  • Core Courses
    • Must complete POL 1101
  • Electives
    • Must complete 15 hours of elective coursework.
  • This minor is not available to Public Policy majors