Featured People




  • Ameet Doshi

    Degree:  Ph.D. in Public Policy, 2023
    Current Job:  Head, Donald E. Stokes Library, Princeton University

  • Andrew Hanus

    Degree:  M.S. SPP 2019, M.S. CRP 2019
    Current Job:  Director, Illuminating Discovery Hub at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Andrew McGraw

    Degree:  B.S. Public Policy
    Current Job:  Academic Program Manager at Georgia Tech’s Ivan Allen College

    Andrew is the academic program manager for the Ivan Allen College Dean’s Office, where he oversees the academic success, engagement, and retention of Ivan Allen students.

  • Kyle Smith

    Degree:  B.S. in Public Policy
    Current Job:  Staff Assistant at the United States Senate in Washington, D.C.

    Kyle Smith is passionate about his job as a staff assistant at the United States Senate "because I love serving my community and because I believe that public policy can improve people’s lives," he says.

  • Madeline Shepard

    Degree:  M.S. Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management
    Current Job:  Circular Economy Specialist at Rubicon Technologies, Inc.

  • Michael R. Waschak

    Degree:  Ph.D Public Policy
    Current Job:  Senior Analytics Manager at the Georgia Department of Community Health

    Michael is the senior analytics manager at the Georgia Department of Community Health, where he provides the data and analyses that help decision-makers in the department, legislature, and governor's office drive healthcare innovation for Georgians.

  • Susan Graff

    Degree:  M.S. Technology and Science Policy
    Current Job:  Vice President and Partner, Global Corporate Sustainability at Resource Recycling Systems in Chicago