Public Policy Minor and Certificate

The Minor in Public Policy requires POL 1101 (or equivalent) and 15 additional semester credits in public policy of which at least 12 must be at the 3000-level or above. The Certificate in Public Policy requires POL 1101 (or equivalent) and 12 credits in public policy of which at least 9 are 3000-level or above.

In all cases, students should have their program of study approved by the Public Policy Minor/Certificate supervisor before enrolling in a course they intend to count toward the minor/certificate. A student may seek advance permission from the School of Public Policy to allow 3 hours of upper-division coursework taught outside the School to count toward the completion of the minor or certificate if that coursework is clearly relevant to Public Policy.

Institute and School Guidelines

The minor/certificate degrees follow Institute and School guidelines that include the following:

  • No more than 6 semester hours of Special Topics courses may be included in a minor/certificate program. No more than 3 semester hours of Public Policy Internship credit may be applied to the minor or certificate.
  • Courses required by name and number and/or used to satisfy Core Areas A through E in a student's major degree program may not be used in satisfying the course requirements for a minor/certificate. Important: if a student is using a PUBP course to fulfill the social science requirement in the student’s major, that course cannot be counted toward the Public Policy minor/certificate. However, courses used in a minor/certificate also may be used to fulfill other elective requirements (free electives, technical electives, etc.) in the student's major degree program.
  • A course may not be counted toward more than one minor and/or certificate. 
  • All courses counting toward the minor/certificate must be completed in residence at Georgia Tech, be taken on a letter-grade basis, and be completed with an overall grade point average of at least 2.00.

More information on the Public Policy Minor can be found in the Georgia Tech Course Catalog.

See also the Public Policy Minor Program of Study Form.