Undergraduate Transfer Admissions

All high school students applying to Georgia Tech who are seeking admissions to one of the undergraduate programs in the School of Public Policy must apply through the Georgia Tech Office of Admissions. Admission to the School of Public Policy is according to admissions standards for all freshmen applicants.

Transferring from Another Major within Georgia Tech

Transfer (major change) students from other disciplines/schools at Georgia Tech make up a large portion of the undergraduate student body. Georgia Tech students changing majors are allowed one unrestricted transfer between majors until 60 credit hours have been earned. After 60 hours have been accumulated the change is permitted at the discretion of the school/college requested for admission. Students wishing to change majors must complete a Change of Major form which is found in Tech Tower in the Registrars Office and schedule an appointment with the School of Public Policy's advising team using the contact information in the righthand sidebar.

Transferring from Another Institution

The School of Public Policy welcomes transfer students from many other institutions within the United States and some international schools. At Georgia Tech, a transfer student is any student who has taken a college or university course after graduation from high school or left high school before graduating to enroll full-time in college courses. Students seeking to transfer to Georgia Tech from another institution should visit the Transfer Information area of the website of the Georgia Tech Office of Admissions for more information.