A forecast of office automation technology to 2000

Title: A forecast of office automation technology to 2000
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1986
Published In: Impact Assessment
Description: This paper presents a forecast of developments in technologies involved in white collar automation through the year 2000. It divides the technologies according to their primary information-related function. The functions to be considered include input, processing, data base management, output, and communications. Technologies are divided into three levels of aggregation: components (e.g., microprocessors), devices (e.g., microcomputers), and systems (e.g., terminals linked to a minicomputer). The forecast is synthesized from primary and secondary sources to suggest general directions of technological developments in the office automation area. © 1986 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
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Citation: Impact Assessment. 4. Issue 3-4. 81 - 97. ISSN 0734-9165. DOI 10.1080/07349165.1986.9725779.
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