Technological Innovation and Development: Prospects for China

Title: Technological Innovation and Development: Prospects for China
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1988
Published In: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
Description: The Western literature on innovation processes, augmented by that based on experiences in centrally planned economies, suggests eleven factors important to technology-based economic development in China. China needs to enhance its sources of capital, accept competition at individual and enterprise levels, and reduce governmental influence in the management of technological processes. In addition, shifting scientific/ engineering norms to share information, more effective reward mechanisms for innovation, better staff support, and upgrading management capabilities would encourage technological development. On balance, these weaknesses are outweighed by the strong national commitment to technology-based economic development and the demonstrated economic accomplishments of the past decade. Barring the unlikely resurgence of radical leftist forces, we predict that China will significantly impact global markets for technology-intensive products by the year 2000. © 1988 IEEE
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Citation: IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 35. Issue 4. 258 - 264. ISSN 0018-9391. DOI 10.1109/17.7448.
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