Integrated impact assessment

Title: Integrated impact assessment
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1981
Published In: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
Description: Impact assessment studies the effects on society of proposed projects, programs or policies. It is perhaps best known in the forms of technology assessment and environmental impact assessment. Here the institutionalization of impact assessment, the principal features of impact assessment and its performance are discussed, keynoting interdisciplinarity as a critical factor. Substantial progress in performance has occurred over the past decade, especially in environmental and social analyses, pointing to some critical issues for the decade ahead. Within studies, integration across disciplinary components, between contributions from professionals and parties-at-interest, and between producers and users must be improved. Across studies, practitioners of impact assessment need to intercommunicate to advance the state of their art. © 1981 Heyden & Son Ltd.
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Citation: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. 6. Issue 4. 346 - 354. ISSN 0308-0188. DOI 10.1179/isr.1981.6.4.346.
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