Physicists and the doctoral dissertation

Title: Physicists and the doctoral dissertation
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1982
Published In: American Journal of Physics
Description: This article is based on a recent study of 645 1969-1970 Ph.D. recipients from the disciplines of physics, electrical engineering, biochemistry, zoology, psychology, and sociology. It focuses on the 97 physicists in the sample, studying their personal characteristics, work histories, dissertation experiences and assessment of their worth, and early career productivity including publications and citations. In the process of analyzing the physicists' careers, it compares them as a group with the other disciplinary groups and the sample as a whole. There is general satisfaction with the dissertation experience and little inclination to change its structure. However, the data suggest certain areas where improvement is possible in the dissertation process. These include beginning the dissertation during course work, increasing the relevance and originality of the dissertation, and using the dissertation experience as an opportunity to begin learning research management. © 1982, American Association of Physics Teachers. All rights reserved.
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Citation: American Journal of Physics. 50. Issue 9. 822 - 828. ISSN 0002-9505. DOI 10.1119/1.12749.
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