Transportation funding structures and policies

Title: Transportation funding structures and policies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1981
Published In: Transportation Research Part A: General
Description: The transportation enterprise in the United States relies heavily on federal funding of highways, transit, and airports. Consideration of changes in federal funding policies over the past decade or so, and the effects of those policies, suggests that the way programs are financially structured can be critically important. The present analysis leads to recommendations concerning the selection of the federal matching ratio, tradeoffs between categorical and block programs, and the use of formula or discretionary allocations. It highlights the importance of ascertaining programmatic intent in establishing funding policies, as well as the need for sensitivity to the fiscal climate. © 1981.
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Citation: Transportation Research Part A: General. 15. Issue 2. 139 - 153. ISSN 0191-2607. DOI 10.1016/0191-2607(81)90079-0.
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