Less labor, longer lives: Time to share

Title: Less labor, longer lives: Time to share
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: December 1996
Published In: Technology Analysis and Strategic Management
Description: Two driving forces are changing modern life. First, significantly less labor is needed as productivity rises. Second, people are living longer - anticipate an 85-year life expectancy by 2020. We focus on two prominent consequences of these interacting drivers: new modes to allocate wealth need to be devised as those linked to 'the job' prove inadequate; And how we spend our time is changing. We consider time distribution among three forms of work (market, community, home), learning and communication, and play. We conclude that dramatic policy actions are in order to break free of societal reliance upon traditional jobs and to provide the expanding senior population a good quality of life.
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Citation: Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. 8. Issue 3. 315 - 329. ISSN 0953-7325.
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