Early commercialization pattern profiling: Nano-enhanced biosensors

Title: Early commercialization pattern profiling: Nano-enhanced biosensors
Format: Conference
Publication Date: November 2012
Description: Recently, nano-enhanced biosensors (NBS) have attracted considerable attention. Not only their R&D status, but also their commercialization potentials, hold appeal for corporations and government policy makers. We are studying company involvement in NBS R&D through publication and patent records to capture the early commercialization patterns. On the one hand, we compare the leading countries in profiling the cluster of commercial activities. We also explore future prospects by positing multiple innovation pathways for NBS. These help to elucidate promising targets, key players, pivotal technology developments on a critical path, and impediments. Taken together, these Future-Oriented Technology Analyses empower the management of emerging technologies. © 2012 PICMET (Portland Intl conf on Manage.
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