Nanopatenting patterns raise issues for managers, countries

Title: Nanopatenting patterns raise issues for managers, countries
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: July 2006
Published In: Research Technology Management
Description: The exponential growth in the area of nanotechnology patenting across the countries such as the US, Japan, China, Germany, and Korea is imposing challenges to the managers in the research field. The nanopatents are categorized along the value chain into three groupings which include nano raw materials, nano intermediates, nano products. The dynamic of the innovation in the emerging area of nanotechnology demonstrates distinctly different patenting strategies and the country that leads in the nanopatents, the US, demonstrates diffuse interests. The country must consider national foresight efforts in order to meet the rapidly declining advantages of the US in the global R & D. The country has ignored priority-setting, enjoying the resources to pursue bottom-up resources and engineering agendas and the results pose counterpart national policy challenges.
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Citation: Research Technology Management. 49. Issue 4. 8 - 9. ISSN 0895-6308.
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