How "tech mining" can enhance R&D management

Title: How "tech mining" can enhance R&D management
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: March 2007
Published In: Research Technology Management
Description: Incorporating a richer base of empirical information into R&D management processes can enhance overall industrial management. R&D management incorporated with information mining can identify novel approaches, locate potential collaborators, and exploit the most promising opportunities. The portfolio managers can optimize resource allocation to target the best opportunity and take full advantage of their assets, while intellectual property managers, new developers, and other technology managers can similarly enhance their positioning and payoffs. The key elements of text mining or tech mining are tech innovation process model, future-oriented technology analysis methods, R&D data selection, data treatment, innovation indicators, and well-informed R&D management. tech mining has application in research profiling, intellectual property (IP) management, and mergers and acquisitions.
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Citation: Research Technology Management. 50. Issue 2. 15 - 20. ISSN 0895-6308.
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