Practical research proposal and publication profiling

Title: Practical research proposal and publication profiling
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: March 2010
Published In: Research Evaluation
Description: We present means to enable profiling to situate research activities (such as proposals or publications) within research domains, identify cognitive and social networks, and track knowledge transfers. Here we profile a set of 123 National Science Foundation educational research awards. We investigate NSF award summaries, proposal references, publications by the funded researchers, and citations to those publications. Our integration measure and science overlay maps show that these ROLE/REESE programs have facilitated interdisciplinary research. NSF program managers were able to associate highly cited researchers into key contributing communities using the co-citation maps. We explore 'before vs. after' research patterns to examine whether this research support altered teaming and cross-disciplinary exchanges. Evaluators can use research profiling to understand the role of particular research endeavors and to study community evolution. © Beech Tree Publishing 2010.
Ivan Allen College Contributors:
Citation: Research Evaluation. 19. Issue 1. 29 - 44. ISSN 0958-2029. DOI 10.3152/095820210X492512.
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