Anticipating the future high-tech competitiveness of nations: indicators for twenty-eight countries

Title: Anticipating the future high-tech competitiveness of nations: indicators for twenty-eight countries
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: February 1996
Published In: Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Description: This article presents some of the major results obtained during the third phase of a continuing research effort to develop and implement national indicators of competitiveness in high technology industries. The first phase, begun in 1987, developed a conceptual model of the processes by which industrializing nations gain access to external technology and technical information, absorb that technology/information effectively, and institutionalize a science-based development and manufacturing capability leading to export-led growth in high technology products. Four "input" or leading indicators of a nation's future capacity (15-year time horizons) to compete in international markets in high technology products were developed, as were three "output" indicators of a nation's current international competitiveness. During this first phase, the seven indicators were applied to data for twenty countries representing a range of regions and extent of industrialization. The second phase used 1990 data on an expanded set of countries to examine in detail the indicators' reliability and validity. The third phase of indicators work (1992-1995): (1) developed seven indicators whose definitions were recommended in our 1991 final report to the Science Indicators Unit of the National Science Foundation, and (2) collected the necessary data (1993) and applied them to generate a set of indicators for 28 countries using these recommended formulations. This article focuses on the input indicators for the 28 countries and compares these 1993 results with those from 1990. We discuss the implications of these results for technology-based development theory and for development policy. A separate, companion article published elsewhere presents the output indicator results.
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Citation: Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 51. Issue 2. 133 - 149. ISSN 0040-1625. DOI 10.1016/0040-1625(95)00195-6.
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