Interdisciplinary research: Meaning, metrics and nurture

Title: Interdisciplinary research: Meaning, metrics and nurture
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: December 2006
Published In: Research Evaluation
Description: Recognizing prior research and reflection, we offer a definition of interdisciplinary research (IDR) that focuses on integration of concepts, techniques and/or data. We note that this need not entail teaming. Building upon this definition, we discuss its implications for accurate measurement. We then synthesize contextual and process factors expected to foster knowledge integration. These suggest a rich set of research questions concerning the implications for successful IDR of actions by universities, funding organizations, professional associations, and the science media, including journal editors. We seek to engage social scientists who study research practices, organizations, and policy in consideration of interdisciplinary research processes and their evaluation. © Beech Tree Publishing 2006.
Ivan Allen College Contributors:
Citation: Research Evaluation. 15. Issue 3. 187 - 195. ISSN 0958-2029. DOI 10.3152/147154406781775841.
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