Assessment of Brazil's research literature

Title: Assessment of Brazil's research literature
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: July 2011
Published In: Technology Analysis and Strategic Management
Description: This 'country study' analyses substantial samples of research papers by Brazilian authors drawn from two global databases. The approach and the findings may each be of interest. Our approach is to examine R&D outputs through bibliometrics (to identify key authors, institutions, journals, etc.) and text mining with taxonomy generation (to identify pervasive research thrusts).We extend prior country studies by providing for interactive data access and exploring military-relevant R&D information. The resulting publication activity profiles provide insight on Brazilian R&D strengths and investment strategies, and help identify opportunities for collaboration. Brazil, a nation of 190 million, evidences a substantial research enterprise, with major capabilities in the life and biomedical sciences, as well as the physical sciences. We benchmark research patterns and trends against several other countries.We find a large measure of international collaboration, particularly with the USA. © 2011 Taylor & Francis.
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Citation: Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. 23. Issue 6. 601 - 621. ISSN 0953-7325. DOI 10.1080/09537325.2011.585029.
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