1996 Indicators of Technology-Based Competitiveness of Nations

Title: 1996 Indicators of Technology-Based Competitiveness of Nations
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: January 1996

The Georgia Tech High Tech Indicators (HTI) were initiated in conjunction with Science and Technology Consultants, under the leadership of Thomas Kuehn and Russell Drew. Over the past decade, indicator researh and refinement has been centered at Georgia Tech. Support has been provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation's Science Resources Studies Unit and the Research on Science & Technology Program to enrich Science and Engineering Indicators.

We welcome CIBER contacts in sharing information on technology-based competitiveness in various nations and in working together to identify technological opportunities.

In 1999 we plan another round of HTI. Our International Indicators Panel consists of persons with expertise on technology-based development in 30 countries. Please e-mail us if you would be interested in participating (via e-mail and the worldwide web).

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