Changes in National Technological Competitiveness: 1990-93-96-99

Title: Changes in National Technological Competitiveness: 1990-93-96-99
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: January 1999

Georgia Tech’s Technology Policy and Assessment Center, with support from the US National Science Foundation, has been generating High Tech Indicators (HTI) – measures of national technology-based export competitiveness since 1987. This paper reports the HTI results for 33 nations in 1999 in comparison with those of 1990, 1993, and 1996.HTI includes four “input indicators” and a key “output indicator” – technological standing. We construct a new composite input indicator here and examine its predictive capability. Input indicators for 1990 and 1993 show intriguing relationships to 1999 technological standing. We compare the indicators for various groups – leading and emerging Western economies, rapidly developing Asian economies, former East Bloc nations, and lagging Latin American countries. The United States presently exhibits a dominant position, but signs strongly point toward increasingly broad-based competition in technology-based products.

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External Contributors: Xiao-Yin Jin, Nils C. Newman
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