Pre-Law Program

The mission of the Pre-Law program is two-fold. The first aspect of our mission is to enable students to make an educated decision about whether to attend law school and embark on a career in law. Unlike most academic disciplines, law has no undergraduate major leading to a degree in the field. Accordingly, it can be difficult for a student majoring in any of our undergraduate programs to make an informed decision about becoming a lawyer. Students will have an idea about careers in their fields of study, or about graduate education in their fields, but students are unlikely to be in a position to make an informed decision about law practice or legal education. By the time a student completes the Law Science & Technology minor or the Pre-Law certificate, that student will be well positioned to decide on whether to become a lawyer. The program is designed to inform students who are interested in applying to law school and to inform students who want to understand elements of legal practice that are useful in other career choices.

The second aspect of our mission is to develop the skill set necessary for Georgia Tech students to excel in law school. This is different than the skill set emphasized in engineering or scientific majors. As law students, written communication skills are essential. Law students must learn to read large volumes of complex material, synthesize it with other material, and prepare a well-written analysis. To help develop these skills, many of our classes contain a significant writing component. While introducing students to the fundamentals of legal writing, we are necessarily practicing the fundamentals of good writing in general. This training will position our students to be competitive with their peers in law school.