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Richard Barke

Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies

Member Of:
  • School of Public Policy
  • Technology Policy and Assessment Center
Email Address:
Office Location:
DM Smith G07


Dr. Richard Barke is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy. He received his BS in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his MA and PhD in Political Science from the University of Rochester. His recent research interests focus on the regulation of risk, the roles of politics within science, and of science within politics. Dr. Barke has written about topics such as the political behavior of scientific disciplines, the impact of university curricula on the organization and advancement of scientific knowledge, the politics of science budgeting in Congress, and how scientists translate scientific findings into policy recommendations. Recent works involve the decision making processes by which science and ethics are reconciled in the regulation of research, particularly research involving human subjects and in nanotechnology. Currently he is writing a book about obstacles to long-term policy making.

  • M.A. and Ph.D., University of Rochester, Political Science
  • B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, Physics
Areas of
  • American And Comparative Regulatory Policy
  • American Politics: Political Processes, Elections
  • Higher Education Policy
  • Long-term Policy
  • Political Culture
  • Research Policy
  • Risk Analysis


Research Fields:
  • Energy, Climate and Environmental Policy
  • Policy Process, Leadership, and Pre-Law
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy
  • Wicked Problems
  • Australia/ New Zealand
  • Europe
  • United States
  • United States - Georgia
  • Environment
  • Bioethics, Bioscience, Biotechnology
  • Business Strategy
  • Education Policy
  • Framing
  • Governance
  • Institution-Building
  • Interdisciplinary Learning and Partnering
  • Intergenerational Issues
  • Politics
  • Presidential Power
  • Regulation
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Science and Technology
  • Sustainability


  • PHIL-3127: Sci, Tech & Human Values
  • POL-1101: Government of the U.S.
  • PST-3127: Sci,Tech & Human Values
  • PUBP-2010: Political Processes
  • PUBP-2012: Foundation-Public Policy
  • PUBP-2698: Research Assistantship
  • PUBP-3510: Politics and Policy
  • PUBP-4410: Science,Tech& Pub Policy
  • PUBP-4440: Sci Tech & Regulation
  • PUBP-4440: Sci Tech & Regulation: FDA Regulation (BME Galway)
  • PUBP-4651: Public Policy Internship: VIP: VoterTech
  • PUBP-4803: Special Topics: FDA Regulation (Mini-mester)
  • PUBP-6012: Fund of Policy Processes
  • PUBP-6440: Sci Tech & Regulation