Environmental concerns and the new environmental paradigm in Bulgaria

Title: Environmental concerns and the new environmental paradigm in Bulgaria
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: March 2006
Published In: Journal of Environmental Education
Description: Little is known about environmental concerns and attitudes among people in former Soviet bloc countries in Eastern Europe despite widespread perceptions of severe environmental problems. The authors addressed this gap by examining Bulgarians' environmental concerns with a focus on whether the new environmental paradigm (NEP) scale can reliably measure their environmental orientations. Three surveys conducted in Bulgaria in 1998, 1999, and 2000 provide evidence of high environmental concern, and proximity to a major petrochemical plant is associated with greater concerns. The 6-item NEP is multidimensional and low in reliability. A scale constructed with 3 items that loaded consistently on 1 factor appears as valid as the 6-item NEP scale and has comparable internal consistency. There is much proenvironmental sentiment in Bulgaria, only part of which the NEP appears to measure. Despite overestimating the magnitude of current government investments in environmental protection, surveyed Bulgarians supported increasing investments in environmental protection. Further attention to both item and scale designs for eliciting environmental orientations in transitional countries is warranted. © 2006 Heldref Publications.
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Citation: Journal of Environmental Education. 37. Issue 3. 25 - 40. ISSN 0095-8964. DOI 10.3200/JOEE.37.3.25-40.
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