Funding Sources for PhD Students

TA (state money) and RA (sponsored projects paying tuition) positions in the School of Public Policy will be 20 hrs [50% time] per week (MS and PhD).

The School has a three tier PhD TA/RA rate system- Levels 1, 2 & 3. Level 1 is meant to be a competitive PhD stipend, and all TA’s will be paid at Level 1. Faculty can choose to pay a PhD RA more if they wish. If faculty wish to pay Level 2 or 3, criteria might include experience, being pre-ABD/post-ABD, or performance.

The monthly PhD GRA stipend rates for academic 2017-2018 are to be set at:

Level 1- $2,174

Level 2- 10% increase over base, i.e. level 1 ($2,391 in 2017-2018)

Level 3- 20% increase over base, i.e. level 1 ($2,608 in 2017-2018)

For more information on demographics, admissions, and time-to-degree for doctoral students in our program, go to Doctoral Program Statistics. Enter the search criteria for School of Public Policy. Additional information about Graduate Assistantships, fellowships, loans, and off-campus employment options is available on the Office of Graduate Studies site