Pivoting an MCI Empowerment Program to Online Engagement

Title: Pivoting an MCI Empowerment Program to Online Engagement
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: January 2022
Published In: Proceedings of the ACM Human-Computer Interaction
Publisher Association for Computing Machinery

In the Spring of 2020, closures and safe distancing orders swept much of the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper presents a case study of pivoting an in-person empowerment program focused on lifestyle interventions for people newly diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to an online program. Working as rapidly as possible to sustain participant engagement, our design decisions and subsequent iterations point to initial constraints in telehealth capabilities, as well as learning on the fly as new capabilities and requirements emerged. We present the discovery of emergent practices by family members and healthcare providers to meet the new requirements for successful online engagement. For some participants, the online program led to greater opportunities for empowerment while others were hampered by the lack of in-person program support. Providers experienced a sharp learning curve and likewise missed the benefits of in-person interaction, but also discovered new benefits of online collaboration. This work lends insights and potential new avenues for understanding how lifestyle interventions can empower people with MCI and the role of technology in that process.

Ivan Allen College Contributors:
External Contributors: Mynatt, E.D., Vickers, K., Johnson, J.M., Doiron, M., Ramesh, A., Zubatiy, T., Rodriguez, A.D.

Mynatt, E.D., Vickers, K., LaForce, S., Farmer, S.K., Johnson, J.M., Doiron, M., Ramesh, A., Fain, W.B., Zubatiy, T., and Rodriguez, A. Pivoting an MCI Empowerment Program to Online Engagement. Proceedings of the ACM Human-Computer Interaction. V. 6, GROUP, Art. 32 (January 2022), pp. 1-26.

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