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Title: A Ricardian Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on Italian Agriculture
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: August 2017
Published In: European Review of Agricultural Economics

This research investigates the potential impact of warming on Italian agriculture. Using a detailed dataset of 16,000 farms across Italy, the study examines likely warming impacts in different regions and for different sectors of Italian agriculture. The study finds that farm net revenues are very sensitive to seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation. Livestock and crop farms have different responses to climate as do rainfed farms and irrigated crop farms. The overall results suggest mild consequences from marginal changes in climate but increasingly harmful effects from more severe climate scenarios. 

Ivan Allen College Contributors:
External Contributors: Martina Bozzola, Robert Mendelsohn, Fabio Capitanio

European Review of Agricultural Economics. Forthcoming.

  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Energy, Climate and Environmental Policy
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  • Climate and Energy Policy Laboratory
  • School of Public Policy