Issues in Transferring U.S. Energy Technologies to Developing Nations

Title: Issues in Transferring U.S. Energy Technologies to Developing Nations
Format: Conference
Publication Date: December 1986
Published In: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Paper)
Description: To stimulate discussion of potentials for and mechanisms of technology transfer from the U. S. to developing nations, this paper draws upon two bodies of experience at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL): (1) a wide variety of technical assistance activities supported by the U. S. Agency for International Development (AID), helping AID-assisted developing nations improve their energy planning, policy formulation, and applications of fossil and renewable energy options; and (2) a wide variety of technology transfer related activities, ranging from (a) assistance to buildings energy conservation programs of the U. S. Department of Energy in improving the transfer of new technologies from the nation's R&D system to commercial users to (b) research to improve the general understanding of the technology transfer process, especially from R&D institutions to commercial developers. The paper illustrates the importance of several dimensions often neglected in engineering-economic analysis, such as institutional requirements and a relatively detailed understanding of market segments.
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