Textbook stickers: A reasonable response to evolution?

Title: Textbook stickers: A reasonable response to evolution?
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: September 2008
Published In: Science and Education

Debates concerning how the issue of human life's origins should be handled within the confines of American public schools still continue. In order to mitigate the impact that evolution has on students, some school boards and state legislatures have recommended that stickers voicing a disclaimer about evolution be placed in biology textbooks. Even though supporters maintain that textbook stickers promote good science, this kind of approach invariably raises the concern that public education might be unduly intertwined with religion. In this article, it is argued that regardless of whether a textbook sticker can pass constitutional scrutiny, the use of such a sticker is a flawed approach to science education. © 2006 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

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Science and Education. 17. Issue 8-9. 999 - 1010. ISSN 0926-7220. DOI 10.1007/s11191-006-9032-z.

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