Teaching for Moral Imagination

Title: Teaching for Moral Imagination
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2008
Published In: Teaching philosophy
Description: This paper reports the results of an assessment project conducted in a semester-length course in environmental ethics. The first goal of the project was to measure the degree to which the course succeeded in meeting its overarching goal of enriching students’ moral imagination and its more particular objectives relating to ethics in the built environment. The second goal of the project was to contribute toward a broader effort to develop assessment tools for ethics education. Through qualitative analysis of an exit survey and of a pair of writing assignments, the study yielded some promising results, outlined here, and suggested particular ways of improving both the course and the assessment procedure
Ivan Allen College Contributors:
Citation: Teaching philosophy. 31. Issue 4. 333 - 350. DOI 10.5840/teachphil200831436.
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