Darwinian Humanism: A Proposal for Environmental Philosophy

Title: Darwinian Humanism: A Proposal for Environmental Philosophy
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2007
Published In: Environmental Values
Description: There are two distinct strands within modern philosophical ethics that are relevant to environmental philosophy: an empiricist strand that seeks a naturalist account of human conduct and a humanist strand rooted in a conception of transcendent human freedom. Each strand has its appeal, but each also raises both strategic and theoretical problems for environmental philosophers. Based on a reading of Kant's critical solution to the antinomy of freedom and nature, I recommend that environmental philosophers consider the possibility of a Darwinian humanism, through which moral agents are understood as both free and causally intertwined with the natural world.
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Citation: Environmental Values. 16. Issue 1. 3 - 21. ISSN 1752-7015. DOI 10.3197/096327107780160292.
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