Science's social effects

Title: Science's social effects
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: March 2007
Published In: Issues in Science and Technology
Description: The National Science Foundation (NSF) has stressed the need to explore the possibility of creating a connection between scientific research work and their effects on society. Researchers and their tax-supported underwriters require to analyze the implications of decision making on supporting scientific research work. Education and public outreach (EPO) professionals should be hired to facilitate education activities for scientists, who are trained in science, not in education. This approach would allows scientists to conduct their research work on their own while the EPO professionals take care of education. NSF also stresses to include an EPO professional and a researcher on science as individual reviewers of proposals and as members of review panels to encourage use of effects of scientific research on society. Interaction among researchers from different field will encourage scientists and engineers to more concerned with the broader effects of their research on society.
Citation: Issues in Science and Technology. 23. Issue 3. 28 - 30. ISSN 0748-5492.
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