Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning. 3rd Edition.

Title: Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning. 3rd Edition.
Format: Book
Publication Date: 2012
Publisher Routledge

Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning presents quickly applied methods for analyzing and resolving planning and policy issues at state, regional, and urban levels. Quantitative and qualitative methods are combined in a systematic approach to addressing policy dilemmas and urban planning problems. In addition to methods, the book presents the rationale and process of policy analysis as well as policy application cases. Many of today’s most important policy problems are resolved quickly, and time is seldom available for researched analysis. Planners and analysts must use quick, basic methods in order to generate, test, and even advocate alternatives in the time available and with the resources at hand—if they are to have an impact on public policy. This book is for students and analysts who seek to learn quick, basic methods that can be applied to a range of policy problems. It should be especially useful for the beginning analyst or the person starting the study of policy analysis and planning. The book assumes no prior knowledge of advanced mathematics or economics on the part of the reader. We deliberately avoided methods that require such knowledge, but the reader who has these skills can certainly apply them to the exercises and cases. We also avoided methods that involve extensive research.

External Contributors: Carl Patton, David Sawicki

3 Ed. Routledge. Publisher's Site.

  • Economic Development and Smart Cities
  • Global Cities and Urban Society
  • Policy Analysis
  • Policy Process, Leadership, and Pre-Law
  • Program Evaluation, Public Management and Administration
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy
  • Urban Economics
  • Wicked Problems
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