Reinventing Industrial Energy Use in a Resource-Constrained World

Title: Reinventing Industrial Energy Use in a Resource-Constrained World
Format: Chapter
Publication Date: December 2011
Description: This chapter describes the progress made to date and the magnitude of the remaining opportunities, stemming both from broader use of current best practices and from a range of possible advances enabled by emerging technologies and innovations. It begins by focusing on the potential for improving energy efficiency in several major energy-consuming industries. After describing the principal barriers to deployment of energy-efficient technologies particularly in the U.S., it explores policy innovations that have successfully transformed industrial practices in five countries: the Netherlands, Denmark, India, Japan, and China. The goal is to identify lessons that can shift industry toward greater efficiency across the globe, thereby becoming part of the climate solution. The chapter also explains the dual goals of advancing energy efficiency at industrial plants and advancing product innovation for broader use are both critical to promoting the more productive consumption of energy in a resource-constrained world. © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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Citation: Energy, Sustainability and the Environment. 337 - 366. DOI 10.1016/B978-0-12-385136-9.10012-9.
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