Inductive risk, epistemic risk, and overdiagnosis of disease

Title: Inductive risk, epistemic risk, and overdiagnosis of disease
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: March 2016
Published In: Perspectives on Science
Description: © 2016 by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Recent philosophers of science have not only revived the classical argument from inductive risk but extended it. I argue that some of the purported extensions do not fit cleanly within the schema of the original argument, and I discuss the problem of overdiagnosis of disease due to expanded disease definitions in order to show that there are some risks in the research process that are important and that very clearly fall outside of the domain of inductive risk. Finally, I introduce the notion of epistemic risk in order to characterize such risks.
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Citation: Perspectives on Science. 24. Issue 2. 192 - 205. ISSN 1063-6145. DOI 10.1162/POSC_a_00200.
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