A Typology of Suburbs and Its Public Policy Implications

Title: A Typology of Suburbs and Its Public Policy Implications
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1981
Published In: Urban Geography
Description: This paper develops a typology of suburbs based on profiles of community need. It illustrates that suburbs vary greatly in their needs for community development and that their dimensions of hardship combine such that suburbs cannot be placed along a continuum on which every dimension of need increases. Suburbs having similar overall levels of need may have quite dissimilar types of need. In order to understand the clustering of various suburban problems, and to gain insight into the spatial structure of suburbs, suburban need profiles are related to their socioeconomic, demographic, and locational attributes. Alternative eligibility and distribution criteria for federal assistance to suburbs are discussed in light of the typology.
Ivan Allen College Contributors:
Citation: Urban Geography. 2. Issue 4. 288 - 310. ISSN 0272-3638. DOI 10.2747/0272-3638.2.4.288.
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