Developing an 'energy sustainability index' to evaluate energy policy

Title: Developing an 'energy sustainability index' to evaluate energy policy
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: December 2007
Published In: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
Description: How well are industrialised nations doing in terms of energy policy? Without a standardised set of metrics to evaluate national energy systems, it is difficult to determine the extent to which energy resources, technologies and infrastructure are truly keeping up with emerging challenges related to climate change, the environment, population growth and economic wellbeing. In response, we propose the creation of an energy sustainability index (ESI) to inform policymakers, investors and analysts about the status of energy conditions. Using the United States as an example, the ESI shows that the country has failed to truly progress on solving some of its most pressing energy problems, and that in many respects conditions have deteriorated. The proposed ESI builds on the substantial body of literature on 'sustainability', and draws on past efforts to measure progress in environmental and energy systems. © 2007 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.
Ivan Allen College Contributors:
Citation: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. 32. Issue 4. 335 - 349. ISSN 0308-0188. DOI 10.1179/030801807X211793.
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