Philosophy in the Age of Neoliberalism

Title: Philosophy in the Age of Neoliberalism
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: October 2012
Published In: Social Epistemology
Description: This essay argues that political, economic, and cultural developments have made the twentieth century disciplinary approach to philosophy unsustainable. It (a) discusses the reasons behind this unsustainability, which also affect the academy at large, (b) describes applied philosophy as an inadequate theoretical reaction to contemporary societal pressures, and (c) proposes a dedisciplined and interstitial approach-"field philosophy"-as a better response to the challenges facing the twenty-first century philosophy. © 2012 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.
Citation: Social Epistemology. 26. Issue 3-4. 311 - 330. ISSN 0269-1728. DOI 10.1080/02691728.2012.722701.
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