School of Public Policy Permit Requests

Please note, each form below will open once phase I registration begins. Permits will be processed for students with declared School of Public Policy (S.P.P.) majors and minors during phase I registration. Permits for non-S.P.P. students will not be processed until phase II registration begins. 

Permit requests will not be processed on weekends, holidays, or breaks. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific dates and deadlines.

Undergraduate Permits

This form will open at 12:00 am EST the first day of phase I registration and close at 3:30 pm EST the final day of phase II registration.

Major restrictions will be removed from most PHIL, POL, and PUBP undergraduate courses for students who have officially declared one of the following minors on Monday, November 21st by 12:00 pm EST. Major restrictions will be removed from the aforementioned courses and open to non-SP.P. majors and minors on Monday, November 28th by 12:00 pm EST.

Undergraduate Permit Requests

Graduate Permits

This form will be available from November 7, 2022 at 12:00 am EST until January 13, 2023 at 2:00 pm EST. During Phase I, PUBP courses will be the only permits processed and priority will be given to students who are School of Public Policy majors. Phase I ends on December 16, 2022. Permit requests submitted by non-S.P.P. major and minor students will be processed during phase II.

Graduate Permit Requests