Robert Rosenberger

Associate Professor

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  • School of Public Policy
Office Location: DM Smith 315
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Robert Rosenberger is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy and is currently serving as the President-Elect of the Society for Philosophy & Technology. His research in the philosophy of technology explores the habitual relationships people develop with everyday devices, with applications in design and policy. This includes lines of research into the driving impairment of smartphone usage, the educational advantages of computer-simulated frog dissection, the roles of imaging devices in scientific debates, and the critique of hostile design and architecture (especially anti-homeless design).  His edited and co-eidted books include Postphenomenological Investigations: Essays on Human-Technology Relations, Postphenomenology and Imaging: How to Read Technology,  and the interview book Philosophy of Science: 5 Questions.  His polemical mini-monograph is entitled Callous Objects: Designs Against the Homeless.     

  • PhD, Stony Brook University, Philosophy


Research Fields:
  • Economic Development and Smart Cities
  • Ethics and Philosophy of Science and Technology


  • HTS-6743: STS Core Seminar
  • LMC-6743: STS Core Seminar
  • LMC-6748: Social Justice & Design
  • LMC-6749: Feminist Theory and STS
  • PHIL-3109: Engineering Ethics
  • PHIL-3115: Philosophy of Science
  • PHIL-3127: Sci, Tech & Human Values
  • PHIL-3135: Philosophy of Technology
  • PST-3109: Ethics&Tech Profession
  • PST-3115: Philosophy of Science
  • PUBP-4843: Special Topics
  • PUBP-6415: Tech Regions & Policy
  • PUBP-6743: STS Core Seminar
  • PUBP-6748: Social Justice & Design
  • PUBP-6749: Feminist Theory STS
  • PUBP-8802: Special Topics

Selected Publications