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Daniel Schiff

Ph.D. Student

Member Of:
  • School of Public Policy
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Daniel Schiff was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, where he is currently pursuing a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology, studying the implications of artificial intelligence for social policy – education, labor, welfare, and inequality. He is also studing the impact of AI in government services and on corporate pro-social behavior.

Current interests/projects include:

  • The landscape of global AI ethics codes, principles, and policy strategies
  • Development of social responsibility attitudes amongst STEM undergraduates
  • Citizen perceptions of AI in government services
  • An agony-based distance approach to identification of coalition preferences in organizations

Previously, Daniel served as the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Planning for the Philadelphia Education Fund. His work emphasized school- and district-level policy and program strategies for urban contexts. In particular, Daniel's research and policy efforts focused on teaching and learning, dropout prevention, college and career readiness, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Daniel is also interested in the intersections of philosophy, ethics, and policy. He studied philosophy of artificial intelligence at Princeton University before completing his graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania on education policy and research. Daniel has published in journals including AMA Journal of Medical EthicsPerspectives on Urban Education, and Nanotechnology and can be reached at or @dan_schiff


Previous projects include:

  • The social and policy implications of AI-based virtual teaching assistants
  • The role of teachers in intelligent tutoring systems
  • Regulation of autonomous vehicles
  • Graduate experience and workforce outcomes of people in ethically contentious fields
Faculty Advisor:
Juan Rogers
  • MS Social Policy, University of Pennsylvania
  • AB Philosophy, Princeton University
Awards and
  • Georgia Tech President's Fellowship
  • Georgia Tech Institute Fellowship
Areas of
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Education
  • Emerging Technology
  • Labor
  • Science And Technology Policy
  • Social Policy


Research Fields:
  • Ethics and Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy
  • U.S. Society and Politics/Policy Perspectives
  • Wicked Problems
  • United States
  • Inequality and Social Justice
  • Diffusion of Technology
  • Education Policy
  • Emerging Technologies - Innovation
  • Human/Machine Interaction
  • Perspectives on technology
  • Philosophy
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Science and Technology
  • Technology Management and Policy
  • Vulnerable Populations
  • Wicked Problems

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