Ivan Allen College Student to Serve on Atlanta LGBTQ Advisory Board

Posted April 11, 2023

Vikas Madhav Nagarajan came to Georgia Tech to study public policy in hopes of eventually working in conservation or another environmental area. It turns out he’s going to have an impact on LGBTQ policy in Atlanta, as well.   

Nagarajan has been appointed to the LGBTQ Advisory Board for Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens. The board makes recommendations for inclusive city policies and procedures, and ways the city can enhance engagement with LGBTQ residents, according to its website.   

Nagarajan, who will serve on the Youth Affairs subcommittee, is excited to get working.  

“It’s an honor to be approached to take on a position like this, and I’m excited to contribute to making Atlanta as inclusive a place as possible,” he said. “I especially want to reach out to the trans community. I see them hurting, and it is my responsibility as a civilized human being and ally to step up and protect them.”  

Nagarajan arrived at Georgia Tech in 2021 after receiving a degree in chemical engineering in India, a subject the avid birdwatcher and environmentalist chose to gain insights into how industrial society can degrade the environment.  

He is now studying for the Master of Science in Public Policy and expects to graduate in May. He said the opportunities he has been afforded as an Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts student, including U.S. House and Senate internships, have set him up well for this role, and his future.  

“I feel like I’ve been well-nurtured and well taken care of,” he said.   

After graduation, he hopes to land a job in Washington helping legislators make sound environmental policy. 

Nagarajan encouraged LGBTQ students seeking to make a difference like he is to get involved through organizations such as Georgia Tech's LGBTQIA Resource Center or Georgia Tech Pride Alliance. 

Nagarajan also had a message for fellow LGBTQ students at Georgia Tech and beyond: “I know there are a lot of queer people who especially right now are feeling unseen and who are scared. I want to assure them that there are people who are there for them.”  

“Do not let Twitter anxiety dictate your life,” he said.  


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Vikas Madhav Nagarajan, a master's student in the School of Public Policy, has been appointed to the LGBTQ Advisory Board for Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens.

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