Mueller, Public Policy Ph.D. Alum Publish Essay on Military Operations, Global Internet Governance

Milton Mueller

Posted June 24, 2022

Milton Mueller, professor in the School of Public Policy, published an article in The Cyber Defense Review alongside Georgia Tech public policy Ph.D. alumnus Karl Grindal. The piece is titled “Information as Power: Evolving U.S. Military Information Operations.”

In it, Mueller and Grindal examine how attitudes towards Internet governance in the U.S. have changed since the 2016 election. They discuss how these changes — specifically those stemming from Russian influence in the election — impacted the U.S. military’s organization, policies, doctrines, and practices.

“Cyberspace is so thoroughly connected that a military campaign in the information environment can no longer be targeted at a population easily segmented by nationality or territory,” the authors write. “What is the military’s role when there is no distinction between an enemy attack and a marketing campaign by a multinational public relations firm?”

Read the full article in The Cyber Defense Review.

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