Kostyuk to Research Peace Settlements, Misinformation in Ukraine

Dr. Nadiya Kostyuk

Posted May 12, 2022

Nadiya Kostyuk, assistant professor in the School of Public Policy and the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy, will begin a new research project studying the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kostyuk’s team, consisting of researchers at universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ukraine, will analyze how Ukrainian attitudes towards peace settlements have changed since being exposed to wartime violence.

They will also investigate what kinds of peace settlements Ukrainians might be willing to accept, as well as how mis- and disinformation campaigns affect citizens’ opinions.

“All eyes of the world are on Ukraine right now as we wait and see how the invasion will end,” Kostyuk said. “I hope this research will not only help provide insights into how the Ukrainian people have been affected by this violence but also help guide world leaders towards peaceful solutions in future conflicts.”

The National Science Foundation has said it will fund the upcoming work with a Rapid Response Research grant. Their grant is for a project titled “Red Lines and Negotiables: How Exposure to Wartime Violence Influences Support for Peace Settlements in Ukraine.”

Kostyuk, who was born in Ukraine, has already published several pieces on the Russian invasion, including an article in The Conversation titled “Cyberattacks Have yet to Play a Significant Role in Russia’s Battlefield Operations in Ukraine – Cyberwarfare Experts Explain the Likely Reasons.” She also spoke to MSNBC about cyberattacks in Russia and discussed the conflict writ large with Georgia Tech’s student newspaper, the Technique.

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