Leslie Ross Begins Term as NACADA Liberal Arts Chair

Leslie Ross 1x1

Posted November 1, 2021

Leslie Ross, academic program manager and undergraduate advisor for the School of Public Policy, was officially installed as the liberal arts advisors chair at the annual National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) conference. Ross was elected to the organization’s liberal arts advising community in April of this year.

In addition to presenting on liberal arts advising, she also completed the Emerging Leaders Program. Ross also co-directed a TikTok video to highlight a brighter side of academic advising and reconnect the NACADA members after the 2020 conference moved to a virtual format.

“It was so heartwarming to be back in person and finally being able to interact with other advising professionals after two years,” Ross said.

See the TikTok video here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/matt-markin_nacada21-nacadafamily-lifeinhighered-ugcPost-6853493844957376512-u5ix/

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