News: Daniel Matisoff Honored for Hydrofracturing Teaching Case

Daniel Matisoff

Posted June 3, 2019

Daniel Matisoff’s teaching case, Hydrofracturing in New Frackillvania, has been awarded an honorable mention by the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (E-PARCC) at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School for Public Affairs.The teaching case assigns students roles in a simulation where a community is struggling with complex social and environmental issues related to the hydrofracturing of natural gas resources.

Students assume roles associated with a hypothetical task force formed to provide advice to the governor of “New Frackillvania,” who has implemented a temporary ban on hydrofracturing.  These roles include environmental advocate, oil and gas industry representative, a farming and ranching bureau representative, and a university faculty member who researches drilling techniques. Stakeholders, as played by the students, discuss potential solutions and try to reach consensus. The teaching case has been developed over a decade at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is taught as part of the Institute’s Serve-Learn-Sustain initiative, a campus-wide effort to develop opportunities for curricular and experiential engagement in sustainability issues.

The case is useful for a variety of classes and teaching goals, from understanding how to engage stakeholders to dealing with wicked problems to understanding the specific problems and policy environment associated with hydrofracturing and natural resource extraction. The case will be made available, with teaching notes, at Matisoff also will provide materials directly. Email him at