News: Rosenberger Writes Article on Hands-Free Georgia Act

Robert Rosenberger

Posted November 12, 2018

Georgia Tech School of Public Policy Assistant Professor Robert Rosenberger recently wrote an article for Saporta Report discussing the Hands-Free Georgia Act which into effect this past July. He notes that over the last few years in the U.S., there has been a dramatic spike in traffic fatalities. He says traffic fatalities have increased 14 percent since 2014.

Dr. Rosenberger writes that there three reasons why we should support this law. First, using your cellphone while driving is dangerous. Dr. Rosenberger states that using your cellphone can become a distraction to you while on the road. Second, the Hands-Free Georgia Act has the potential to curb texting while driving. Third, this new law applies to other handheld uses of smartphones such as accessing the Internet.

Dr. Rosenberger argues that The Hands-Free Georgia Act is a significant step forward and that people should be support this law. However, he cautions that we cannot assume that simple compliance with this law will solve the problem. He calls for people to resist the impulse to adopt hands-free alternatives even if even they remain legal.

Click here to read Dr. Rosenberger's Saporta Report article.

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