News: Study Abroad Program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change in Italy


Posted November 14, 2017

Dreaming of living in Venice and learning about sustainable development and climate change? The new GT Study Abroad program on Sustainable Development and Climate Change in Italy offers an irreplaceable and multidisciplinary learning experience in a unique environment: Venice. Venice is a city with a glorious past, in a fragile environment, menaced by sea-level rise and by unsustainable economic development. It is a safe and stimulating environment to discuss about the challenges of sustainable development and climate change. With additional trips to the FAO Headquarters in Rome, an excursion to the Alps, a guided tour of the unique MOSE system of barriers to protect Venice from storm waters, and with the participation of local climate and development experts, the program offers a terrific mix of academic and cultural activities for the students.

For additional information visit the website or contact Dr. Alice Favero at