News: Massetti's New Public Policy Course Featured In Important Group

Emanuele Massetti

Posted August 25, 2017

School of Public Policy associate professor Emanuele Massetti and his course "Sustainability, Technology, and Policy" were highlighted in the article "6 Interesting Classes Students Are Taking This Fall" from Georgia Tech's main website earlier this week. 

The article featured a wide variety of six courses that are being taken all across the Georgia Tech campus this semester. According to the article, the goal of Massetti's course is to " provide a solid introduction to the concept of sustainable growth and development." Furthermore, the course will, "take a deep dive into major social and environmental challenges, including climate change, international trade, health care, food production, education for all, sustainable water use, deforestation, gender issues, and income inequality."

“This course will be useful for students from all backgrounds because it provides key tools to think about sustainability in a systematic and coherent way,” Massetti said. “The knowledge built will be useful over students’ entire professional careers and will make them better citizens and stewards of the planet.”

For more information on Massetti's "Sustainability, Technology, and Policy" course and the other mentioned interesting classes, click here.