Tech in the News: Richard Barke Quoted in "Dems Look for Trump Rebuke in Georgia Special Election"

Richard Barke

Posted April 18, 2017

External Article: The Hill

Richard Barke, associate professor in the Ivan Allen College School of Public Policy, was quoted in “Dems Look for Trump Rebuke in Georgia Special Election” by The Hill.


It’s more likely that Ossoff, 30, will fall short of the 50 percent threshold, meaning that he’ll face a Republican candidate in a June runoff to determine a winner. That’s the scenario the GOP is hoping for, as Republicans think they can defeat the Democrat in a head-to-head race that would allow them to coalesce behind a single nominee.

“This race is seen as a referendum on two things: One, on how well the Trump presidency is doing and if there are any Republicans upset enough to want to send a message. And two, a referendum on whether the Democratic Party can actually flip some districts,” said Richard Barke, a political science professor at Georgia Tech who lives in the district.

“It looks like it’s in play, but the question will be all about who turns out.”

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