Petition for Minor or Certificate


When you decide to pursue the Law, Science, & Technology minor, obtain a Declaration of Minor form from your advisor. Get your advisor's signature and Prof. Slieper's signature. Return the signed form to the Registrar's office.

When you're getting ready to graduate and you submit your degree petition, you should submit your minor petition as well. Get your advisor's signature on the minor petition and then schedule an appointment with Prof. Slieper for his review and signature. You can download the LS&T minor petition.


When you decide to pursue the pre-law certificate, submit the Declaration of Minor form, get the necessary signatures, and turn it in to the Registrar's office. We use the same form for the Certificate and the Minor because students may change their mind between the two.

During the second half of each semester, Prof. Slieper will post a message to the pre-law list-serv asking graduating seniors to make an appointment with him if they expect to receive a certificate. Fill out the minor petition form and bring it to your meeting with Prof. Slieper, but you don’t need a signature from anyone at your major program.